Mike Kuberski guides out of the Colorado Angler in Breckenridge, Colorado. Married 37 years – or was it 38? Mike has two children and two grandchildren. Mike is in the process of checking off items on his bucket list, and that’s a good thing for folks needing a great guide. Unlike most of the guides you run into who have been guiding for 15 – 20 years, Mike has only been at this 4 years, but he would pass for any of the pros that I have had the privilege to work with.


Mike started fishing as a young boy on the Mississippi near Moline, Illinois. He’s worked mostly as a carpenter, which is one of the reasons he could go gloveless most of the day in around 5 degree weather and still tie flies on our lines. He shared some great stories – like the 10 year old newbie to fly-fishing who thought he knew it all until he got a hook stuck in his eyelid. Mike tried the chosen method for removal, but it was his mother, rightly known as “Mama Bear” who yanked it out and went on her way.

I look forward to doing a float trip with Mike through Gore Canyon once the weather changes. Great day, Mike.

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