Nice Backdrop

Big Thompson (Map)

River GuideJerry Lehtinen left the corporate world about three years ago after a career in global packaging. Although an angler for over 30 years, he decided to follow his passion for fly fishing and make it his “work.” In so doing, he has made every day a joy. Jerry works at Kirk’s Fly Shop as their lead guide taking over 220 trips a year – now that’s pretty impressive.

Jerry grew up in the Tacoma, WA area but calls Colorado home. I loved listening to him talk about his daily Rocky Mountain “high” driving from Fort Collins to Estes Park. After a year of travel to rivers in the seven Rocky Mountain states, I can relate well to Jerry’s living passion.

BT GuideJerry knew all the right holes for us to fish below the reservoir helping me find more than my share of rainbows and browns. As high wind gusts threatened to knock me off my feet midstream, Jerry was right there ensuring that I didn’t find myself swimming. It was a great day with Jerry and the backdrop wasn’t too shabby either.

Thanks, Jerry!

2 thoughts on “Nice Backdrop

  1. Healthy new year, Shelley! Hope 2014 brings you even more thrills this new year and that Florian join you for most of it after calling it quit. You reached your goal of 52 rivers, congrats!
    Darn, I did not reach my goal which was to have a chance to fly to one of your remote places (for a new record) and at the same time take a picture of your fly fishing from the air. Oh well, All I could do was trying.
    And now happy writing to you!

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