No Disenchantment with This Church

I have fallen in love with fly-fishing. My love is pure and mysterious although not unique. I am driven by a need to learn everything I can about fly-fishing and determined to spend as many hours as I can outside on rivers, or mountain streams or lakes.

In one’s lifelong search for meaning and connection, I have, like many others before me, discovered a symbiotic relationship with fly-fishing. As famous angler, Joan Wulff, stated in her essay in Sacred Trusts, “The woods and waters of the outdoors became my church, a place where I could examine my thoughts and feel I was connected to all living things. This feeling is especially strong when, with rod in hand, I am wading a river for trout or salmon…where everything makes sense, where there is nothing but truth. There will be no disenchantment with this church.”

My mission was inspired by a book, 365 Days of Pikes Peak – A Journey, that I discovered at the library in Woodland Park, CO. Yes, there are 365 days of photographs of Pikes Peak that tell the story of that incredible mountain during one year. I loved the idea of devoting oneself for a year to such a project but knew that I could not possibly visit 365 rivers in a year! So, how about a river a week – 52 Rivers?

In the end it’s about sky, earth, water, thoughtfulness, truth, serenity. That’s what I am really after. “It is you and clean, flowing water. It is you, inquisitive, in a wild world that is older than man, seeking greater understanding and finding not only an endless interest but a tranquility that comes, most of the time, to all nature’s wild creatures…” Lee Wulff


One thought on “No Disenchantment with This Church

  1. I’m sure you’ll be journaling this experience. Be sure to tell somebody in Hollywood – who would you want to play you if they made this into a movie? 🙂

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