Guide PatrickPatrick leads up the guide crew at Blackfly Lodge south of Marsh Harbor on Abaco Island in the Bahamas. Patrick was born on Abaco, but was sent to Rochester, MN for high school, where he still loves to go back and visit. Patrick has that magic about him – hard, hard worker, but also that island free and easygoing style. I fished with him twice in his pretty pink boat that honors Casting for Recovery, the women’s fly-fishing organization that supports women with cancer. When you’re fishing the flats for bonefish or permit, you speed to the day’s spot, turn off the motor, and then the guide punts you along with a long pole (called a punt) that can be up to 24 feet long. The trick is to move the boat along as quietly as possible and yet still make forward progress in order to search for fish. Patrick was a master punter and great company for two days on the river. Loved the smell of those Cuban cigars in the heat of the afternoon!

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