Pat and KimPat and Kim Dorsey were our river companions for the Black Canyon float. Pat is well-known in the fly-fishing world for his expertise on the South Platte River and the books he has written on fly-fishing. Pat and I fished Cheesman Canyon on the S. Platte in February when it was about 30 degrees and the river flow was at 37cfs. I know he thought I was crazy at the time, but he was cheerful and helped me catch some fish that day.

Fish were prolific on the Gunnison our first day. Both Pat and I were focused on getting photographs for the books we are writing. My problem was that I had soaked my camera on the river the previous day, but at least I had the point and shoot with me. Between Pat and Angus Drummond (see “Sweet Spots”) in American Angler for his latest published photo, I think I may have some help.

Kim was a real trooper filling in at the last minute to go on the trip and helping Pat out by carrying down more than her share due to Pat’s recent back injury. We shared stories, ate way too well and once again enjoyed the wonderful folks in the fly-fishing world.

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