David HufmanMy guide on the Jefferson, Brett Seng referred David Hufman to me. He told me that when he comes over to Missoula to fish he hires David to guide him because he’s so good. When a guide goes with a guide, you trust that recommendation. And right he was. David is on my hit list to rebook out of Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop in Missoula.

One of the things I liked about David is that he got me on the river early… at least by my standards. We were floating by 8:30 after an hour or so drive up to the River Junction put-in so we could float through the Canyon section of the river. During the summer this section is packed with boats especially during the Salmon Fly hatch but for us, we only saw two other boats the entire day. During that time of the year, he meets his clients at 4:30 a.m. Now that would be a challenge for me.

David is from Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State with an agriculture degree. He had a “regular job” as he put it for seven years before deciding that he needed to follow his passion for fly-fishing and live in beautiful Missoula. He spent 60 days on the river rowing every day in order to learn all the necessary skills – and he had them down.

I enjoyed so many things about my day with David. He was not only an excellent guide, he had a great philosophy on life and we were able to share some of our trials and tribulations even though we had been strangers just a day earlier. Thanks to his constant attention to my casting and what was happening on the river I caught lots of fish with both dries, streamers and nymphs. Read your email, David. I’m rebooking for next year.


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