Revisiting Amazing People

Charlie CardA little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of floating the Green River by Flaming Gorge with Charlie Card, a member of the TU staff in Utah.

I met Charlie at the first Fly-Fishing Show I attended and he agreed to take me out in his beautiful boat. We had a spectacular day in spite of the 20-25 mph winds, with which we all must become comfortable. I haven’t seen Charlie for almost two years but I have watched his young daughter grown up on Facebook and know that when I see him again, it will seem like we’re old high school friends.

One thought on “Revisiting Amazing People

  1. Charlie is a great guy and and rumor has it he’s a great guide. I met him and his wife a couple of times when I lived in Dutch John for a Summer in 2007. One of the best Summers ever!

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