Montana CountrysideJune 21, 2014. I think I’ve found my favorite river. People asked me that all last year, but I could never narrow it down to just one river…until now. At least at this particular place in time. We rafted about a 15-mile section on a day with a perfect temperature with so many fish, we became giddy. Oh… and dry flies the entire day with tons of stone flies and salmon flies. Truly, it doesn’t get any better.

Rock Creek FishingHere’s one of the conversations. Ok… start casting now. Get your cast in that “V” in between those two streams coming together and just behind that rock. Ok… yes, good cast. Mend. Shorten your line. Oh, my gosh! There he is! You’ve got him! Hold on. Don’t fight too hard. Bring him in! You did it! Look at this beauty! A perfect westslope cutthroat! That’s the first time I’ve seen someone get that fish in that spot… says Russell, owner of the Missoulian Angler. I did it! I did it!

Rock Creek 2And this happened over and over again. If I cast to the right spot, there was almost always a fish there – and they were some of the most beautifully colored fish I’ve ever seen. And the surroundings – absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

OK, Shell – a little too enthusiastic. But wow, just wow.


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