As I was packing up my camper at the Cliffhangers in Lee’s Ferry,  a couple pulled up in their car and asked me about my SCAMP. I invited them in for a look because they were interested in buying one.

SmithHotelAbout 30 minutes later after the conversation covered everything from woodworking to flying to fly-fishing I learned that they own the Smith Hotel,  a B & B in Glendale, Utah, about 15 miles from where I was planning on going. Mike and Rochelle invited me to park my camper, use their electricity and bathroom and enjoy some conversation. Friends of theirs – Bunny and Jerry were watching the place for them.

And so about 4 hours later I knocked on the door of the hotel and started with…”Well, I have a story to tell.” Bunny immediately opened the door, invited me for tea and offered me assistance with getting my camper situated. The B&B is quaint and inviting. Antiques abound with southwest touches and beautiful paintings. There are seven guest rooms with private baths. They are with close proximity to Bryce, Zion, Antelope Canyon, Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, Anastazi State Park and on it goes.

Jerry2As it turns out, Bunny’s husband, Jerry is a really good photographer and we spent the second morning I was there shooting Cedar Waxwings who had just arrived to feast on their crab apple tree. Jerry gave me just the advice I needed to get some really good shots.


Waxwing5I will remain here until the end of the week when Rochelle and Mike return from their vacation. Oh yeah – Bunny just so happens to be from my home state, New Jersey and lived in Colorado for a while. I love these connections. Thanks to all I meet along this journey.

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