I just so happened to meet a woman in Idaho Falls, who just so happened to be close friends with the TV producer for the World Fishing Network, who just so happened to be shooting shows in Provo for his new upcoming series, American Fly Guide, and I just so happened to be fishing the Provo the same week.


Carlton Wing, the Producer, (fishing in this photo) Carlton Fishing2and I communicated on the phone; he took a chance on me and so part of the cast of the TV show was born. Carlton was a sports announcer for several radio stations but discovered his love for fly-fishing and wanted to be more involved.


Ryan ShelleyOf course the show is really about the guide, Ryan Newman of Rocky Mountain Outfitters, but Ryan needed to have¬†someone to guide, and that was me! Ryan teaches AP history classes in Provo, and it was not uncommon throughout the day to have high school kids who were rafting or floating down the river to cry out joyfully, “Hi, Mr. Newman.”

Shelley and fishI have come such a long way. I’m sure you’ve heard this story many times before about other people, but as an grade school kid, I could not bear to be called on or put on the spot in any way. I envied those who could get up in front of crowds or be interviewed without stammering and stuttering. I trained myself over the years to get over this fear, starting with teaching elementary kids and eventually moving up to faculty member at a college. I always try to remember my shy, retiring self when I look at people who I think are really gifted in presenting themselves knowing that they, too, may have had to work really hard to achieve what they have. That said, you can’t discount the serendipity.

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