Casting for RecoveryAnother six degrees of separation story. I arrive in Hamilton, MT, not knowing a single person. I am attending the first Casting for Recovery (CFR)  national fundraiser. This organization brings together over 600 women breast cancer survivors for a weekend on rivers in 35 states. More on this in a later post.


Mary and DeeAt the meet and greet kick-off party at Peggy and Bob Ratcheson’s home I discover that I’m surrounded by a New Jersey contingent.  Dee (on the right) lived in my home town of Upper Montclair, New Jersey for 15 years (after I left for Colorado.) She and some of her friends are volunteers for the CFR program in New Jersey. I also discovered  that I was born in the same hospital as another one of the women. Besides these coincidences, it’s just so easy to establish instant rapport with fellow Jersey girls.

Mary (on the left) came out to Hamilton from New Hampshire and was my fishing partner for the day. She is a school administrator and a breast cancer survivor, and perhaps one of the most humble and gentle souls I have met.

I didn’t get photos of all the wonderful new people I met, but to Eddie, Betsy and all the others, it was certainly my pleasure.



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