I wrote about Derek Hutton (WorldCast Anglers) when I fished the North Platte River a few months back. I mentioned that we met by chance at a gas station and ended up floating the river a few days later with him. He proved his prowess on the North Platte and so we arranged to do another trip with him on the Henry’s Fork.

Derek and Boat

Derek recommended we fish the area just below Mesa Falls through Cardiac Canyon because we had the best chance of hitting the Salmon Fly hatch on the river. We needed to hike down a pretty steep slope to get to the riverside, but nothing compared to what Derek had to do. He brought down our raft with all our gear, the lunch cooler, the anchor – everything with no help!

I don’t mean to go on and on, but Derek is truly one of the best. I’ll be fishing with him one more time before the end of the summer.

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