There are some days when laundry and grocery shopping take precedence over fishing and photography. On one particular laundry day, I had the good fortune of meeting Tamayo Leahy from Tasmania.

My clothes had dried before I had used up my paid dryer time. I noticed another person’s laundry waiting for one of the two dryers that I had used so I threw her clothing into the dryer and went to fold my clothes.

TamayoInto the laundromat walks a petite Japanese woman looking puzzled about her clothing. I explained what I had done and she insisted on paying me at the same time I insisted that she did not. She thanked me and left, returning shortly with a beautiful greeting card that she offered me wit a photo of a silk painting called, “hydrangeas.”

Come to find out, Tamayo is a well known silk painter who creates lovely cards, scarfs, and clothing. This is her website.

She explained the complicated and delicate process of silk painting and especially the difficulties in painting on a fabric. I loved her statement of purpose – “My intention is to depict the harmony not the conflict between different cultures. I see my artworks as bridging the gap between Japanese and Western cultures.”

I wonder how many other talented people share the campgrounds with me.

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