Terry GunnMy last day on the Colorado was with Terry Gunn, owner of Lee’s Ferry Angler’s. Terry and his wife, Wendy have been working the Colorado River for 30 years. With their son, Troy their lives are rich and varied. Besides the guiding business, they own a lodge and restaurant, author books, are expert photographers, and have a hand in publishing – Stonefly Press .

Colorado3Lee’s Ferry sends off rafters down the Colorado as well. As we were going up the river to fish, numerous rafts were heading in the opposite direction. It’s funny because I can fish gloveless in 0 degree weather but the thought of getting cold water splashed on me is a real challenge. Go figure.

One of the nights we stayed at their place, the restaurant was packed with people – many of whom were getting their last meal before rafting down the Colorado for the next few weeks.

FishTerry exemplifies the best when it comes to guiding. He understands the river and all its nuances. He explains clearly how to improve your skills. He models the best techniques. He knows the wildlife – from the peregrine falcons to the Common Goldeneyes.


Most importantly, he shares stories –  about the best fishing guides in Belize to the story of sunken boats on the river. I know this is not the last I’ll see of Terry. As my friend, Judy says… “Mwah!!”

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