DavidDogI’ve got the dog bug bad. It’s been more than 15 years since we’ve had a dog in our home and it’s time. We saw several boats on the N. Platte where dogs sat peacefully, contented to watch the action going on around them. The posted photo is David Willis’ photo on the Yampa. I think it epitomizes a river dog and the life they lead.

I still haven’t gotten past the romantic notion of this year – perhaps that’s why a dog is on the top of my mind. Already into the 5th month of this journey, I haven’t found myself wanting to do anything but what I am doing. I think about having a best friend to share it with – and a dog seems like the most likely candidate, but I’ve promised myself not to over commit, and I know getting a dog would do that.

As spring finally arrives, I am excited about not having to deal with hand-warmers, down jackets, aviator style hats and fleece. I have 6 months ahead of me of a total change in climate and thus style of fishing and other adjustments.

Thanks to all of you loyal followers. You all rock.

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