February 18, 2013   Driving in Colorado in the winter is always a challenge and a mystery. Denver was warm and in the 50’s when I left, but as I approached Breckenridge the roads become snowy and messy. By the time I reached Rabbit Ear Pass near Steamboat, it was downright snow-covered. The Jeep and camper handled the conditions well and made it through albeit blackened from the mixture of dirt and slush.

Dinosaur Bones

Passing through Western Colorado into Utah you get a true sense of the history of the world. The town of Dinosaur and Dinosaur National Monument are quite spectacular. To actually see the dinosaur bones on display gives you a sense of the bigger picture. Kind of takes you out of your day to day issues and puts a greater perspective on everything.

Entering into Vernal, Utah and then heading north on 191 you start to see road-side signs that point out Park City or Bishop Shale or the Mississippi Era dating back to AD 900 to AD 1600. The scenery is stark and impressive.

And, it is here that you find the Green River and  Flaming Gorge. Tomorrow I will be floating on the Green just below the dam with Charlie Card from Trout Unlimited. More on that tomorrow – if i can find an adapter in order to hook up to the electrical outlet and charge my computer. Oh well, at least i got the trailer backed in – only took half an hour. And I have heat for the night.

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