StrawberryAlthough Eleanor Roosevelt believed that you should scare yourself everyday to align yourself with risks and then ultimately reap rewards, I think you should search for surprises. The Strawberry River has continued to surprise me because I had never heard much about it as I conducted my research and it will be close to the top of my list for favorite rivers that I’ve visited.

In my last post I wrote about my first picture perfect day on the Strawberry at a location known as the “oasis.” On another day I went to an area of the Strawberry between Soldier Reservoir and Starvation Reservoir. The opportunities to use dry flies have been few thus far, but this fishing spot reversed that trend.

Beaver DamAlthough we were a little early for the green drake hatches, the caddis hatch abounded. The fish jumped up in the air with delight and happily ate our flies. We walked upstream making one cast after the other, climbing over beaver dams, always aware that we were trespassing on bear and mountain lion territory.

I simply cannot describe the experience.


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