I remember as a kid having to learn the names of all the bodies of water around the world and never really mastering it. Now, I come to the Mediterranean and it’s even more difficult. The Cretan Sea is part of the Aegean Sea.  The sea to the west of Crete is the Ionian Sea, but to the northwest is the Myron Sea, a subdivision of the Mediterranean Sea. To the east-southeast is the rest of the Mediterranean Sea, sometimes credited as the Levantine Sea.  Across the island of Crete, to the opposite shore of it begins the Libyan Sea. It’s easiest just to say we’re on the Mediterranean!

Whatever the sea is called in whatever direction you’re looking, it is that beautiful mix of azure, deep blue, and shades of green. The beaches are lovely, some with fine sand and many others with a more rocky, pebble-like feel. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is the pink-sanded Elafonisi, which we will be visiting later in the month.

Some may wonder if I plan on going fishing while I’m here, and the answer is probably not. There’s certainly almost no trout fishing, but that does not mean there are not trout to be found on the island. In fact, we had lunch at a hatchery and feasted on a trout lunch. More about that later. The island has a variety of sea life, the most famous of these sea creatures is the octopus, of which there are still plenty around Crete. You can also find sea urchins and sponges, which are becoming much rarer, as well as turtles, fish, squid, cuttlefish, dolphins, whales, and seals. You can catch different types of fish, like small red scorpionfish, flathead mullet, tuna, boops boops, pearly razorfish, and amberjack. The most suitable bait for fishing is shrimp or bait made from dough and cheese.

There’s a wonderful marina on the north shore of the island where you can watch all the boats coming in and out and enjoy a wonderful meal. We had a Greek potato salad with bread, eggs, potatoes, and herbs, a mushroom and soft cheese appetizer in a kind of pastry, and a pasta with lamb. You are regularly served a local specialty appetizer pro bono, as well a dessert and a glass of riki. My favorite is on crushed ice with a little rose ambrosia water and sugar. Loving this Greek life!

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