What Can I Say?

Yampa River (Map)

It was supposed to rain today, but we got snow here in Steamboat Springs… lots of it! When I arrived at the Steamboat Flyfisher Shop I feared they might cancel on me. Instead, I had one of my best fishing days ever for a multitude of reasons.

YampaFirst of all, we traveled by snowmobile to get to our fishing spots near Sarvis Creek. The road is closed in the winter, so you either have to hike in a couple of miles or do it the easy way as we did. The last time I snowmobiled was in the UP in Michigan over 20 years ago.

Next the weather meant a few things happened. There was not another soul on the river. The fish rose to the occasion, literally and figuratively. There was no wind, so casting was easier. But, pure and simply, how often do you get to spend a whole day outside when large gentle snowflakes are falling?

Big HawgAnd then there were the fish. Lots and lots of them and I actually caught and landed several over 20 inches. These were healthy fish with some of the largest girths I’ve ever seen. I discovered that many of rainbows had been bred to be resistant to Whirling Disease and had been planted in the last several years and are now spawning.

Last, Rob Burden is the epitome of a great angler and a great guide. If only I could have started fishing when I was a toddler. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.  I am fishing… now.


4 thoughts on “What Can I Say?

  1. A women after my own heart. I love the cold and snow and being outdoors. Maybe that’s why we are sisters. Love you lots you awesome gal.

  2. Hi, I just had to comment on this post. You probably don’t remember but me and my husband met and spoke very briefly with you at the parking lot outside of Steamboat Fly fisher on Thursday. I was so fascinated about the 52 river fishing challenge you told us about so I had to look it up when I got home that night. To my delight I found your website and blog! It’s beautiful. I can’t wait to follow your adventure during this year and to get inspired by you. I’m considering starting to fly fish myself this summer! 🙂 //Jessica

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