Writing is such a personal thing. I have had people tell me that I have skills as a technical writer, a novelist, and even a self-help columnist, but here I am, actually becoming a kind of travel/sports writer. In the end my joy is that I am taking the time to write. That is not to say I have never written before – I have a large file drawer full of journals and attempts at novels that I may still make something out of at some point. And now, thanks to the Internet, we all now have the opportunity to be writers. And as always, there’s the good and bad in that.

Even with those authors that have found their books on bestseller lists, the reality is that some people have related to their books and some have not. I will find out if I have an audience or not. In the end, I’m just excited to be writing about this adventure that will take me to 52 rivers in seven states.

As many have said before me, time is the real gift – time to pursue one’s dreams, share one’s thoughts and create a community of folks who can relate to each other. So the plan is to write everyday and put all that I can into this. As with anything you do a lot, it may become too much of a good thing. I have approached my previous work life in the same way – always putting everything I can into it. I compare it to eating a lot of white chocolate every day – a really good thing can get very sickening. For now though, I’ll stock up on the white chocolate.


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