As someone who wants to squeeze everything that I can out of the short life I have on this earth, I strongly believe in the Work Hard, Play Hard philosophy. That said, life has been slightly out of balance as the library where I work has required an inordinate amount of time because many aspects of its foundation were unstable. We are close to remedying most of this after implementing a new technology network, a new ILS (catalog), a new accounting system, and we have just finished our annual audit… so, easy to understand the imbalance.

Osprey on the AnimasThis weekend was the beginning of the end of this imbalance as I walked the Animas River and enjoyed the beautiful Durango area with its magnificent La Plata Mountains and its deep azure skies and 60-degree temperatures. The Animas is very low and the fish are probably traumatized by the weird weather. As much as I wanted to cast a line, I decided I would be just as happy walking along the river. I caught a glimpse of an osprey’s nest just to the south of me and watched as one of these magnificent creatures flew overhead.

I miss being on rivers every day, but I’m thoroughly enjoying my work at an institution that contributes to our community and its residents by making it a better place to live. Again a balance – giving back to the community and making sure I take time to follow my passions.

My life is also busy with presentations about my 52 river journey. My book launch will be at the BookBar – a fabulous, independent bookstore on Tennyson in the Highlands area of Denver on April 10th from 7 – 8:30. I would love to see you. A list of presentations  for the next couple months can be found under the Book Info tab on the website.

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