The Cretans are some of the most welcoming, hospitable people I have ever come across. Our hosts, Jocelyn and Andy Kerrigan at Crete Family Villas, never tire of showing us all the special spots of Crete, fixing fabulous Cretan dinners, dropping off tasty treats, and assuring our comfort. From beaches that only the locals use, to restaurants that aren’t invaded by tourists, to local wineries that offer the best Greek food and wines, to great hikes that highlight the beauty of the island, we are truly spoiled.

Last year we met a local Cretan named Georgio who works as a body shop mechanic by day, and a poet by night! We exchanged emails throughout the winter, and I shared a copy of my book, 52 Rivers. At the end of our stay last year, he took us out for gyros in a nearby taverna. This year, he invited us to his house for a barbecue. It was wonderful to go to a local home and experience real life here on the island. His wife, son and son’s girlfriend all greeted us with a meal that never stopped. Talk about My Big Fat Greek Wedding! How about my Big Fat Greek Barbecue!

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