For the third time in 20 months, I find myself back on the enchanting island of Crete – the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean.  It feels different this time because it’s more familiar in the sense I can understand a few of the language pleasantries, know where to grocery shop, can make my way around in our car, decifer the menus at the tavernas,  and have more of a plan of where I want to go.

There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to come back for a month after our stay here last year during the month of June. Of course I didn’t expect it to be the same, and it certainly is not. Not only is the weather different, but how I am relating to my time here is different. I have adapted to the slower pace of life by not feeling as driven to see every historical site and quaint town on the island and instead staying put and enjoying our special place. It’s hard to believe we’ve been gone a week already and I’m just getting my first blog posted. Back in the days of my 52 rivers trip, I was posting something every day!

I am still participating in some of my favorite things to do – go to the Greek market, walk in the grape and olive tree fields, eat amazing olives and feta, and study Greek. Who would have thought I would be learning Greek as a senior member of society. I love pushing my mind to stay as sharp as I can.

As I sit on our balcony drinking a cup of tea with honey from our local apiarist (ha! beekeeper), eating local yogurt with ripe strawberries and mulberries from the tree in our yard, I am more grateful than ever for the joys that life can bring.


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