Nothing Tart about the Bitterroot

October 2, 2014. Unlike most of the big Montana Rivers, the Bitterroot only flows about 75 miles before emptying into the Clark Fork River. The Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge is located on [...]

Guide, Giver

Russell Parks volunteered to guide my new friend, Mary Patry and me on the Bitterroot for the Casting for Recovery fundraiser. Never did I believe that I would have one of the best guides in the [...]

A Night to Remember

Surprising to me, the little town of Hamilton near the south end of the Bitterroot Valley in southwestern Montana is home to one of the country’s most exclusive country clubs, the Stock [...]

Profoundly Grateful

Hamilton, MT. There is a reason that cultures create pat words for moments of intense emotion. A simple, “I’m sorry” or “my deepest condolences” encapsulate the [...]

A Bluebird Day

I first spoke with Jack Mauer about two months ago when I signed up for the Casting for Recovery fundraiser. He organized all the guides for our fishing day on the river. I wanted to spend a [...]