Dana Landale

DanaI met Dana through my sister, Susan Packard. Dana and her husband, Nipper built their beautiful home and barn on ten acres in Torrey, Utah near to Capitol Reef National Park. Dana is a horsewoman, extreme hiker, graphic artist and excellent cook, to name a few of her extraordinary traits.

After completing over 1000 endurance miles in 2012, Dana and her horse were awarded the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) National Featherweight Pioneer Award for the season.  The Pioneer Awards are sponsored by Belesemo Arabians and are awarded annually to horse-rider teams who complete all consecutive days of AERC sanctioned multi-day endurance events. Talk about women following their passion.

I have had the privilege of parking my camper on her breath-taking ranch, writing inside her beautiful home and solidifying a new friendship. Thanks much, Dana!

One thought on “Dana Landale

  1. I’m so glad you met Dana after all these years of friendship. Not only is she a great friend, but she has been my employee at Park City Signs for many years. Not only did you get to save a few bucks,
    but you had a wonderful adventure. Isn’t life great.

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