The rock and cloud formations that you see as you stand in the great rivers in the west are remarkable. This sandstone formation is known on the river as  the “diving board.” Now that’s a scary thought for some of those crazies who think they are invincible.

Diving BoardAs I gazed up at this rock I thought of one of the silly rhymes we used to cite as children. We used to carry around autograph books and get everyone to write some expression. One of them was “Look Up, Look Down” and it went like this…

Look up, Look Down.

Look at my thumb.

Boy you’re dumb.

Look up, look down.

Look at my pinky.

Boy you’re stinky.

I finally get it! As I sit here next to a river writing and reading I realize I have arrived! I am where I want to be. I need to look up and notice the cloud patterns and the evergreen-filled mountainsides.  I need to look down and notice the caddis flies and the spiders and the flower buds. I don’t need to look at my thumb. I’m not dumb.

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