Leaking DAm

If I could only fish one river again in my life, it might very well be the Green River near Dutch John, Utah. The perfect combination comes together here – huge numbers of fish, abundant wildlife, and incredible scenery. This is also a great fishery to both wade fish or float on a boat, which I did today. I didn’t even get my boots wet! This photo is of icicles formed from a leaking dam.

After launching my first 5-week trip yesterday, I arrived at dusk at the Flaming Gorge Resort, a great place to stay when visiting the Green. They allowed me to park my camper in a not-yet opened RV spot.

My camper management skills are not really up to par. In fact it took me about 30 minutes just to back my camper into the spot near enough to hook up the electricity for my camper. ¬†Unfortunately, the plugs didn’t match up so I decided that heat was good enough for the first night and I would just use my LED lights.

I walked into the camper with visions of a glass of a good Cab-Merlot mix with a candle to celebrate my first night on the road only to find 5 gallons of water on the floor after a jug had cracked open. Fortunately I didn’t have anything on the floor except some throw rugs so I hung them up to dry and pretended I had a sound spa on all night with their drip, drip, drip.

I dealt with the electricity this morning – or rather a kind person from the resort did – unhooked my camper, headed off for a delicious sausage breakfast burrito, a cup of coffee and a bathroom! With the cold weather I don’t dare to put water in the camper in fear that it will freeze.

So the camper experience may not have started out auspiciously, but the rest of the day made up for that. As I’ve said before, being on a river helps to put everything in perspective. The troubles you bring are soon forgotten or at least packaged and sent elsewhere.


Snoopy's HoleI love this photo of Snoopy’s Hole in the “A” section of the Green just below the dam. So much more to write about but I keep falling asleep sitting up at my computer…

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