Southwest Colorado has already reached 104% snowpack this winter, which is greatly welcomed after many years of less than normal snowfall. It’s been really cold since before the holidays, so the snow is still piled high on my deck. This week we have finally seen a warming trend, which has inspired me to get back to out on the river – in this case the San Juan.

I have yet to fish for trout this winter, perhaps because I was spoiled by my second trip to the Bahamas in a year to do some bone fishing! (Better do it while we’re still working.)

Instead I’ve enjoyed snowshoeing up through the trees in Hermosa and Haviland Lake with deep blue Colorado skies as a canopy.

It’s not like I haven’t been thinking about rivers. I wonder how the Animas is doing after the mine leak last year. All reports indicated that the river has done quite well, but you’ve got to wonder about a river that turns the color of cheap mustard.

I’m heading out this weekend to fish the San Juan in New Mexico with singer-songwriter Thomas Chacon who’s also a great guide. Serenaded on a river?

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