River BankEvery season has its special beauty but to watch green leaves turn shades of red, orange and yellow is truly remarkable. It’s so hard to believe that these beautiful colors are signs of decay and the upcoming winter.

The float on the Roaring Fork River just south of Glenwood Springs this week hit at the peak of the color season. Everything was highlighted by a beautiful, warm sunny day that made the scenery surreal.

RainbowThis river is so fished throughout the year that the fish just seemed tired of it all. Don’t we all kind of feel that way this time of year? It’s easy to want to just curl up with a book and allow the comfort of our homes spoil us.

Several people asked me if I was excited to get home for a bit before my last 10 rivers through New Mexico and then southwest Colorado. On my 16 hour drive from Missoula to Denver, I must say that I felt like I could continue to live in my 13-foot space for a long time to come. I have definitely enjoyed how my life has been simplified this year – at least when it comes to ¬†possessions. However, now that I am home, I’m enjoying an oven, a bathtub and a desk.

Perhaps all my writing about the year will keep me in tune with it all.


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