Nick Streit NightNick Streit is the owner of the Taos Fly Shop in Taos, New Mexico, but he is so much more than that. He is one of the best fishermen I have met ; he can spot a fish like I can smell chocolate chip cookies a mile away; he is a husband and father of two beautiful children; he is community minded, serving as the local TU President for 3 years; he’s an accomplished photographer; and he’s plainly one of the nicest people I’ve met on my journey.

If that doesn’t inspire you to come down to northern New Mexico and call on Nick and go fishing, then at least come and visit Taos and his fly shop, where you will occasionally find his wife, also an accomplished painter and illustrator.

Rio Grande CutthroatNick and I spent a day on the Rio Grande about two miles south of John Dunn bridge at Mamby hot springs in the wild middle section of the “Box”. We made our way up about 1/2 mile of river climbing over huge boulders and fishing the spots that Nick knows like you would know your own backyard. I caught my first Rio Grande Cutthroat on a beautiful day that turned on us late in the afternoon as we watched storm clouds overtake us eventually leading to some significant rain and snow in the mountains that night.

Fortunately, I have several other days with Nick as I explore northern New Mexico for the first time.

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