Nancy, Judy, DebbieMy new world of fly-fishing is about so much more than the fishing. Some women anglers are very famous, from Dame Juliana Berners to Joan Wulff to April Vokey. There are also some amazing women who may not be famous but have the same passion that I do for the sport.

Nancy Burdette is one of those passionate anglers. I met her in February when we fished the Uncompahgre with our good friend, Carol Ogelsby. Nancy emailed me a few months back inviting me to fish with her again in Yellowstone National Park with her good friend, Judy. Although I missed the first day due to food poisoning, we made it to the Gardner river and fished together for the better part of a day.

Dinner ViewThe bonus that day was returning to their cabin where I met Judy’s brother, John and his partner, Debbie. The three of them are from Cincinatti, Ohio and try and fish the Rockies as often as possible. We celebrated our mutual fishing passion as well as other life stories overlooking beautiful Paradise Valley with its meandering Yellowstone River.

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