River Featured EndFor most of our float, the steep canyon walls on the Gunnison provided welcome relief from the hot summer sun in July, but by the third day of the float we found ourselves in more open water feeling like a roast in an oven.

Wading became impossible on our last day due to the flash flood from the first night of the trip and the water was like pea soup. We turned to streamers as our last hope. Whenever I use streamers I must admit I lose my focus because it’s such a repetitive process – especially in our particular situation.  It proved fruitless as the fish were not to be found anywhere after a flash flood event.

Flash Flood ResultsThe further we found ourselves down the canyon, the more debris we found stacked up against and on top of the huge boulders. The power of mother nature was impressive.

Although the outdoor shower provided at the Black Canyon Anglers was a welcomed delight, I knew I would miss being away from civilization and the sounds of the cactus wrens.

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