Peg and Jeff

I met Peggy and Jeff at the end of my float on the boat ramp on my second day on the Missouri. We all had one of those unforgettable days when you can’t stop catching fish. We started to chat about our day as our guides took care of their boats and the next thing I knew, my guide was patiently waiting to take me back to my vehicle.

As luck would have it, when we returned to the fly shop, Peggy and Jeff were in the parking lot and invited me to join them for dinner. Our friendship bloomed and I am sure we will meet up again when I make my next visit to see my grandson in Seattle near to where they live.

Peggy was unsure about fly-fishing but after her great day on the Missouri and hearing about my trip, she felt more confident that this was something she might want to pursue more. Secretly I thought to myself – “Yes! Another friend to fish with!”

Can’t wait to see you both again.

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