Quiet at My Office

South Platte River (Map)



Deckers, CO. South Platte River.        January 11, 2013



My office, my laboratory, my church… it’s all running together these days. The river is where I am spending my time and it sure is nice not to have to split my time between so many places. It was cloudy and 50 degrees down in the Canyon and I was basically by myself all day.

Today was an observation day. One of the trickiest things on a river is being able to spot a fish. In the winter months in particular, it can be pretty close to fruitless to blindly fish a river. The flows are low enough (especially this year) that it makes sense to walk up and down the banks to find your fish. Sounds easy? Hardly. It’s a skill that you develop over time – kind of like spotting a bird on a tree. You know they are there, but seeing them is another story. And so I spent an hour or so just walking besides the river trying to see a fish… and didn’t see one. I even purchased another pair of sunglasses with more of a bronze/brown tint, which was supposed to help, but obviously didn’t.



Oh well, I made some friends today including Brown Jack, the donkey, and an American Dipper, who was very upset that I had invaded its territory. It danced around on several rocks and was quite graceful unlike me as I stumble across the river tripping over rocks. I think it’s quite an accomplishment when I get across without taking a dip.

2 thoughts on “Quiet at My Office

  1. The rest of us would have had a much better day out wandering beside a river rather than agonizing over grown men clashing on frozen turf! Walked along the Animas the other day and also saw more birds than fish: dippers, eagles, ducks, even geese!

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