Shorts and HeathsThese folks from Durango are dear friends of ours. We are a diverse group from flaming liberals to conservatives, but we find a way to be able talk about our beliefs respectfully and even occasionally move our positions ever so slightly. We share lots of good meals together and laugh about our foibles and mourn our losses together.

Ed, the Texan in the front, told us a great story a few winters back about a time when he and Libby used to live in Texas. We all listened carefully but couldn’t figure out what he was talking about – he kept talking about the “cowts”. A few minutes into the story I interrupted him and said, “Ed, what the hell are cowts?” He looked at me puzzled and said, “You’ve never heard of “kye – oats?” We all cracked up when we realized he was talking about coyotes. OK, Ed, now we get it. Thanks Ed, Libby, Florence and Kent for just being you.

Great, great friends.

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