OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am restored! A day on a boat on the San Juan with Thom Chacon from Duranglers. We escaped Texas Hole rapidly in order to head downriver where the scenery was more about the beautiful red cliffs than the other anglers, of which there were plenty. This amazing water is considered a “gold” fishery and although I’ve had my share of days when I was skunked on the river, this was a very productive day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI caught all rainbows except one beauty of a brown. We nymphed for most of the day and the takes were as subtle as I’ve ever fished. I had to set on the slightest change in my indicator’s drift. And I did okay – for my first trip out in a boat since the fall. We did find some risers around 2:00 in the afternoon and we had a blast. I missed my share but came away happy after snagging one.

Durangler’s had the Spring Fishing Fest over the weekend and I walked away with a lot of schwag as well as a new fishing wardrobe for my upcoming trip to Blackfly Lodge on Abaco to salt-water fish for the first time. There were lots of product reps, a great speaker on salt-water fishing and lots of other helpful hints from experienced anglers. I cast an 8-weight rod for 45 minutes and tried my hand at a double haul in preparation for my trip. A few blisters early in the game so my hands are ready for the real thing.

I just love this world of fly-fishing.

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