I had the good fortune of meeting Becki and Marshall Pendergrass at the annual Colorado Trout Unlimited event in Redstone, CO earlier in the year. Becki had arranged a most extraordinary event for women at this event and I knew that I had made a new friend with this charming and giving woman.

Fast forward six months. I had a scheduled book signing in Telluride and Becky and her husband were going to the local TU fundraiser in town. Becki kindly arranged for us to stay at some friends of hers – Richard and Marshall Whiting.  For the TU fundraiser Marshall and Richard offered to take a couple fishing high up in the mountains near the West Fork of the Dolores, just south of Dunton – the high-end hot springs resort.

Not only did we get to fish and chat and breathe in mountain air, we hired a mushroom guide and spent the better part of a day tracking down chanterelles. My husband and I remarked on how long it took for us to get in tune with the environment to spot these delicious edibles. But in tune we became and that evening we had a meal of fresh trout and chanterelles.

We also fished at supposedly the highest gated community in the country at Hidden Lake – several miles above Trout Lake. This pristine wilderness preserve is surrounded by national forest and the lake houses some really nice rainbows. After hearing from our hosts for the weekend, my husband immediately went home and bought a smoker so we could cook the trout properly. It was the best trout we’ve ever tasted.

So, I’ve broken the spell of catch and release. Although it’s still my preference to release, I now salivate at the opportunity to eat one of these treasures.

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