Meeker, Co. April 19, 2013.

After being held up in my camper for several days, I had to kick myself in the butt to get moving again. It’s amazing how quickly we fall into patterns and bad habits and how hard it is to undo them.

White ConfluenceThis was the first week that I didn’t hire a guide to help me navigate my way when I arrived at a new river. In the end this proved to be a good thing because it made me test my knowledge to see if I really could put it all together. I am coming away with a greater sense of self-confidence –  that I have actually figured out the basics of this complicated sport and can at least catch a fish… most of the time.

MeekerMeeker is one of the most beautiful places in Colorado. It took me close to a week to discover that because initially all I could see was white. The snow finally let up for a day although my thermometer read 13 degrees. In January and February I found fishing in the teens to be a challenge and fun, but yesterday, well, I decided that I would wait till it was at least freezing outside.

Much of the White River is private but there are three spots open to the public where you can fish the river, but you must stay in the river. The “No Trespassing” signs are a bit intimidating especially when you “don’t know what you don’t know” as was the case with me. I innocently fished above the boundary where I am allowed to fish instead of below.

Eagle FlyingWell, to make a long story short (you’ll be able to read more in my book in another year!) I caught lots of Mountain White fish – no trout – and found that others who were fishing had the same experience. They have very small, delicate mouths and are certainly not as colorful as trout, but they are spirited and kinda cute – if that’s an adjective that is appropriate for a fish.

Three TurkeysThe day was most delightful not only for the fishing but because of the incredible amount of wildlife I saw everywhere. I couldn’t go a mile on the road without stopping to take photos. One more day here and then on the Roaring Fork and a river float… with rain predicted. That will be a new experience – fishing in the rain that is.

Five Elk

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