WebsiteApril 1, 2014. I really needed a day on the river.  I wanted to hear the whistle of the wind, feel the warmth of the sun as I sat on a boulder, see the red-tailed hawks and flickers and get renewed. And so I headed off to Cheesman Canyon and the South Platte.


CheesmanI hiked in a couple of miles with every lens I own and my new tripod. It was the first time I hiked that far with all my gear, but was glad I had it all with me as I experimented with various settings, filters and lenses. I still love shooting photos in the middle of the day with abundant sunshine although I know the contrasts at sunrise and sunset are hard to beat.

It has been an adjustment being in the city after 52 weeks on rivers sharing space with wildlife. I am enjoying reliving my year as I edit my book, but I miss being on or at least near a river every day.

I’m going down to Durango to enjoy the Durangler Fly Shop’s fly-fishing festival and I’m eager to meet back up with my guide from New Mexico, Nick Streit. We’re going to start planning a trip to Argentina next year centered around fishing three rivers. Now that’s something to look forward to!

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