Kyle Holt on the Colorado

Kyle Holt guides for the Taylor Creek Fly Shop out of Basalt. Kyle battled the wind for us all day on the Colorado, but did it with a smile on his face and in anticipation of a vacation. This is [...]

The Gift of Fly-fishing

The wind never relented through our day on the Colorado, but that didn’t stop my friend, Phyllis and I from celebrating her birthday. I know many of you may not understand that floating a [...]

Change in Plans

For those of you who actually follow my itinerary, you will notice that I am not writing about the Roaring Fork this week but rather the Colorado at Glenwood Springs. As it turned out, the RV [...]

Me, this week!

For a variety of reasons, I did not have a guide for the White River. In fact, I haven’t seen but one other person this week – a fellow angler with whom I greedily struck up a [...]

Wildlife Galore

Meeker, Co. April 19, 2013. After being held up in my camper for several days, I had to kick myself in the butt to get moving again. It’s amazing how quickly we fall into patterns and bad [...]

On the Seesaw

Meeker, CO. April 17, 2013. After four days of non-stop snow in Western Colorado, I welcomed the tinge of blue  in the distant sky earlier this evening. Although I am usually first in line to get [...]

Words Beyond Bars

Karen Lausa is putting her heart and soul into this project. What are you passionate about? What would like to share here? Words Beyond Bars- Heals and Inspires A few years ago, I was moved by [...]

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