For Mike Hart, rivers are central to his life. As he states, “I have always had this magnetic attraction to rivers.” Among his many talents, Mike is a back country pilot and really good. Mike is not a fishing guide, but he sure was a great fishing partner.



imageWhen we met for the first time at the Picabo, ID landing strip, thanks to guide, Leslie Dal Lago, I casually mentioned that I had never flown in a small plane. Mike explained a few basics and off we went to the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area.

I soon learned the language of flight with discussion about IFRs and TFRs and IMC and throttles and yaw. He explained wind shears and “thermals” and the resulting turbulence. He also took me through six take offs and landings including Soldier’s Bar, quite the tricky approach. I almost forgot that I was supposed to be focused on fly-fishing!

AMike and Wings a geologist, astronomer and environmental scientist, Mike had plenty of information to share. Plus, he was a great fishing partner. These 3 days will live in my memory for a long time to come. Many thanks, Mike.

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