LindaLinda Layton is my friend from 25 years ago. Linda and I taught together at a private school in Birmingham, MI. We were a great team when it came to influencing the minds of young children to become readers. Linda was one of the best teachers I ever knew and our professional relationship naturally turned into a personal friendship.

It is wonderful that her daughter, Kate Andreae, now lives in Denver and is a practicing vet at Urban Vet Care. I cherish old friends and am always thrilled that a friendship can last the test of time.

Ageless Treasure

In life we’re given gifts
For which we’re truly blessed
Some fade with time
And lose a sense of purpose
While others increase in value
And always seem near perfect

An ageless treasure
Without limit
Nor with measure
The gift of a friend
Is one with many layers
To be opened again and again
And handled with care

To put a price
On the heart of a friend
Is to limit its ability
And to never fully know
Or completely see
The love and warmth of a soul
Which harbors boundless generosity

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