Paul Killino, Second Time

Lake Fork of the Gunnison (Map)

PaulPaul and I spent another day together in entirely different circumstances. Paul’s guide service is Colorado River Outfitters and they have some private property in the Lake City area on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison. The last time we were together in May, it was on the Eagle River in pouring rain. Today, we found ourselves in one of the most gorgeous spots in Colorado on a beautiful day.

Paul and his business partner have restructured close to a mile section of the Lake Fork of the Gunnison and have made it into one of the most prime trout streams I’ve ever fished. More importantly, Paul is one of the most attentive, helpful and kind persons I have ever met. On top of all those qualities, his previous life was as a chef and so our lunch was absolutely spectacular – a full antipasto spread – and to think I only asked for gluten-free. I would have taken a photo but I was initiated into the full-soak fishing club along with my camera:-(

I will fish with Paul at least one more time this year on the Colorado and hopefully the Arkansas. Something about these Jersey boys. Many, many thanks…

2 thoughts on “Paul Killino, Second Time

  1. the full-soak fishing club? Is that some kind of baptism? As for the camera, I think you’ll end up with an entire chapter titled, Adventures of the equipment…

  2. You are having way to much FUN! That smile keeps getting bigger all the time. Tell us more about the full -soak fishing club.

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