Fryingpan River (Map)

When throwing your fishing line into the current in the river, you are never sure what you might encounter. In the beginning there’s excitement and anticipation, but this is oftentimes followed by disappointment depending on what you hook. Of course, you are hoping for a fish, but that is only one thing that you may come up with in the process.



When I was fishing on the Fryingpan this week, I snagged a stick, which is not uncommon. Since I had to unhook my fly from the stick, I decided to examine it –  mossy-covered and slimy as it was. What I discovered was that stick was teeming with life – midges and mayfly nymphs and I’m sure other forms of life I didn’t see or know.

WormAlthough it is a slow process for me, I am trying to notice more. I am practicing patience and teaching myself to use the full realm of my sensibilities.  What I realize is that everything you notice is important, just by nature of the fact that you notice it.

2 thoughts on “Noticing

  1. Somehow being out in nature seems to help me slow down, almost like being in slow motion and suddenly there is so much to see, touch, smell, and just notice! Such a joy and so hard to do in our crazy everyday world. Enjoy every second of it, Shelley!!

  2. Sandy, thanks for putting into words that “river feeling” and “loss of time”. It is true the events of the world go away when we are on the river. Amen!

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