Pat Dorsey3

Pat Dorsey is a legend when it comes to the South Platte River. He has written the definitive book on this River as well as two others – one on Tailwaters and one on fly tying. His latest is going to be a book on Guide’s Flies.

Pat’s father and grandfather were avid anglers and used to take Pat on vacations to the Gunnison Valley where he had several fishing spots. (See the Taylor River posts to get a feel for that area.)  His Great Uncle (Jim Cantrall) got him fired up about fly tying.

Pat Dorsey 2

Pat decided in his young 20’s that there had to be a way to make a living as a fly-fishing guide. Well, he has certainly found the wherewithal to do that. But, it hasn’t been easy. He guides around 150-175 days between April 1 and October 31. In addition, he receives royalties from signature flies; he writes articles for magazines; he does speaking engagements in Colorado as well as out of state. And he writes books. For him, it’s all worth it for the amazing quality of life he is able to enjoy.

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