Ryan is one of those people that exudes happiness and togetherness. He knows what he is doing and can convey that in a manner that is not condescending or didactic.

Ryan Newman

Ryan made me look really good during our TV shoot for the American Fly Guide. I had a fish on within 10 minutes and it never stopped for the rest of the day (except when I tried to wrestle them too dramatically.)

I said to him that I felt like I was at a church wedding being escorted down the aisle because he always offered his arm as we crossed the river. He had two rods rigged up so that if I got tangled or lost my rig to some unknown structure at the bottom of the river we were ready to go. ShelleyRyan3

His popularity was obvious as kids on floats down the river called out his name with enthusiasm. If you come to Utah to fly-fish, make sure you call Rocky Mountain Outfitters and ask for Ryan Newman. I certainly will.

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