SevierRiverMarch 13, 2012. My camper is parked in a little town called Glendale along Utah 89. Highway 89 parallels I-15 and goes through canyon country. The Sevier follows 89 up to I-70 and covers over 300 miles – the longest river in Utah. Although there is a lot of private water, if you are a local or go fish with a local most people don’t care if you want to fish in the river that goes through their property.

Paiute Reservoir2Shawn Saunders and I fished some nice holes in several different places in Marysville Canyon below the Paiute reservoir. The river was running low and there were a few blue-winged olives hatching but not enough to make any fish rise to the top.

We tried using some nymphs in the morning but ended up streamer fishing mostly with woolly buggers. The woolly bugger is the only fly I have learned to tie at this point in spite of my grandiose plans to tie flies every night in my camper. If you had asked me what streamer fishing was a couple years back I would have looked at you blankly. In fact it’s a technique that allows you to imitate small fish swimming in a river oftentimes attracting large fish.

I am not particularly proficient with streamers and the results of the day proved that – not a single fish. In fact I only saw 2 fish all day in spite of hundreds of casts.

C’est la vie. It was wonderful to be in Utah Canyon country.


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