South Platte River (Map)

February 14, 2013.

SunriseMy normal rhythm  is as a night owl. I get a second wind around 10:00 pm, which will take me to 1 – 2:00 am. It is always with great pleasure when I can get up early enough to catch the sunrise, which I did on the way up to the South Platte this week.

I am sure that once I am sleeping in my camper for extended periods (starting on Monday) I will be able to take more advantage of the early morning. I really wish I only needed to sleep from 2 – 6 a.m. every day. There’s so much I want to squeeze out of life.

I just bought a Nikon 7000 DSLR camera with a full array of lenses – wide angle, telephoto, macro. Although I carried it about while I was fishing this week, I found I was distracted. It’s the classic multi-tasking problem – you can’t do two things well at the same time. Once I get riverside in my camper, I will focus some time on just taking photos. I am looking forward to a day long photography workshop with Denver Visual School of Photography this weekend before heading off to the Green River in Utah.

Fishing and Fotos – a pretty magical combination. BTW – Happy Valentine’s Day!


One thought on “Sunrise

  1. Shelley, your pictures are great.The only secret for a photographer is that the more you take them the greater the likelyhood to show some great shots! Just ask my mother in law! Thinking of you and wondering whether you have eaten fish lately and which kind?
    Have fun and stay warm.

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