Crew DiningAfter a day (more or less) of filming for the new show American Fly Guide on World Fishing Network, the crew and I dined at the excellent Vinto Restaurant in Park City, Utah. I wanted to go back to Little Rock with these guys, they were so much fun to work with.

Carlton and ShelleyProducer Carlton Wing and I met by chance through a woman I met up in Idaho Falls. She made the connection for us and just by chance, Carlton was going to be filming one of his 13 shows on the Provo River, where I was fishing. With the focus on fly-fishing guides, I played the role of the “guidee” and managed to catch a good number of fish, which allowed us to finish up our show by early afternoon.

Tom Shelley Susan


We found another Jersey boy – Tom – to hang out with as well, although it had been a long time since any of us have lived there. My sister is explaining about “caw fee” – you know – coffee –  in the photo.


Tyler Michael Shelley

Tyler and Michael (the videographers) and I had fun observing our surroundings throughout the day and laughed about some funny comments made during the day about the American obsession with food and the resulting obesity.

A day on a river together… an excellent dinner… good conversation… Life is good on the hunt.

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