While down in Southwest Colorado I had a tour of the new community garden at the Pine River Library in Bayfield. The thought and effort put in to the garden by the community and library staff under the direction of Judy Poe was impressive. Their passion for connecting the library and the community is apparent.

Bayfield ShedThis photo is the hay bale tool shed built by community members. Gardeners can store their tools in the shed and a tool lending program will also be implemented next summer. In addition, a growing dome was built that serves as a greenhouse. The garden provides space for the community members to rent plots to grow their own vegetables, fruits and flowers. Fruit trees are planted around the periphery and there are Nature Explore play areas and outdoor seating.

In so many ways, libraries have made significant changes to remain not only an important information resource for our communities where people can discover and learn, but also a place that allows people to come together and create and invent.

When I hear the question “Are libraries still relevant?” I can adamantly say, “Without a doubt.”



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